PHA UK support for research

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At the PHA UK, one of our key aims is to support research that will help people live a better life with pulmonary hypertension.

We are happy to aid individuals and non-profit making establishments (such as universities) at all stages of their research if we believe it aligns with our mission and values.

Over the last few years, we have supported research in a diverse range of areas connected to PH – including palliative care, genetics, anxiety and mental wellbeing, and earlier diagnosis in those with systemic sclerosis. We are particularly keen to assist pioneering projects that can demonstrate real value to patients and their loved ones.

How we can help

Letters of support

We can provide supportive letters to help secure funding or approval of studies, to demonstrate the project has the backing of a national charity.

Evidence of need / value

The PHA UK has over 4,500 members, consisting of patients, and their carers and supporters too. These individuals are very engaged and willing to participate in online surveys or focus groups that can provide valuable quantitative / qualitative data as evidence. For example, this can demonstrate how much patients / the PH community might value a piece of research, or how willing they might be to participate.

Please note: We cannot always guarantee that we will be able to conduct online surveys on your behalf due to our own research schedules.

Recruitment into trials / focus groups / surveys

We can assist with recruitment into trials or studies via promotion to our membership and social media followers. We may also be able to assist with the design and production of information materials relating to the research.

Bringing the patient voice into research

We advocate that the needs of patients and their loved ones should be at the centre of all research so we are always happy to help facilitate their input from the planning stages onwards. This might involve recruiting for focus groups, conducting surveys amongst our membership or inviting input in other ways.

Communicating research findings

We can use our communications channels – including our website, member magazine and social media channels – to report on research findings and bring them to the attention of our membership and supporters.

Where appropriate and if capacity allows, our comms team may also be able to help with the content and design of reports and presentations materials. 

Meeting space

Our Resource Centre in Sheffield has a spacious meeting area on a dedicated floor, allowing for focus groups, discussions and planning events in a modern and comfortable setting. The fully accessible space can hold up to 20 people and facilities include a large screen, whiteboard, a teleconference system and importantly, fantastic tea and coffee.

Introductions and connections

The PHA UK has existed for 21 years and during that time we have built up wide networks and connections. As such, we may be able to arrange introductions and connections that could assist with your research.

**Please note: Our relationship with our members and supporters is extremely important and therefore any contact with them must always be facilitated by ourselves. **

How to access PHA UK support for your research

In the first instance, please contact Paul Sephton, the PHA UK’s Research Support and Development Coordinator, for an informal chat about your needs.

Paul can be contacted on 01709 761450 or at